Wake Up Now Atraviesa Su Momento Más Crítico

Wake Up Now momento crítico

El Master Distributor Brandon Boyd y El Primer Ejecutivo Global han dejado Wake Up Now

Como business for home lo reportó en Mayo de 2014, WUN atravesaba ya por problemas financieros. En octubre de 2014, el ex CEO Kirby Cochran dejó el cargo. El 29 de Enero Wake up now estaba buscando un nuevo inversionista y no pagaba las comisiones. De hecho en diferentes partes del mundo empezó a haber una fuga de talentos. En México, Juan Carlos Lozano Ex Ejecutivo Global y otros, también dejaron la empresa. En chile cerraron oficinas. Y las nuevas aperturas de países quedaron en el aire. En Perú, las comisiones sólo eran pagadas a algunos ibos.

La compañía estuvo negando que tenía problemas de pago de comisión, sin embargo si lees la declaración de Eric Turner, ex ejecutivo global de la empresa, al parecer los problemas eran mucho más graves.

Diez mil distribuidores fueron dejados al aire.

El Master Distributor Brandon Boyd dijo el 30 de Enero:

“Nunca hemos tenido mejor back office, mejor plan de compensación, mejor envío de productos, mejores paquetes, y una gerencia más enfocada que la que tenemos ahora. Estamos preparándonos para entre Febrero y Marzo. ser mucho más fuertes y grandes que nunca antes. Me siento muy animado por el futuro y lo que está a punto de ser lanzado la próxima semana”.

Sin embargo el 9 de Febrero Brandon Boyd dejó wake up now.

“A partir de hoy, después de 5 años, he tomado la decisión de dejar WUN. Es hora de llevar mis talentos a otro lugar.”

El Top Earner Eric Turner conocido como “Seemore Green” declaró en su facebook personal como es que mes a mes, había dejado de cobrar su cheque (ganaba más de 100 mil dólares mensuales), para dar prioridad a que los F3´s puedan cobrar sus comisiones. Además, de haber apoyado a los ejecutivos de la empresa en todo lo que podía para sacar a flote el barco. Finalmente, se lamenta el no haber podido hacer más por los miembros de la empresa. “Realmente creí que Wake Up Now iba ser una compañía icónica que iba resistir la prueba del tiempo. No había dudas en mi mente, sin embargo parece que a veces hay cosas fuera de tu control”.

Para terminar, estas son noticias que definitivamente no me gustan dar. Tener a la empresa que amas y en la que crees pasando dificultades, desmoronándose  es horrible.  De hecho es una de las cosas más desalentadoras por la que puede atravesar un profesional de las redes de mercadeo. Sin embargo, estoy seguro que te hará crecer y aprender. Convierte este evento en una lección. Recuerda: CUALQUIER ADVERSIDAD CONTIENE LA SEMILLA DE UNA VENTAJA EQUIVALENTE. El fracaso solo asola a aquellos que se resignan a él con indiferencia. No te des por vencido y sigue construyendo tus sueños.

P.D. Si algún ejecutivo de la empresa  se quiere poner en contacto para dar mayores detalles sobre este asunto, las puertas están abiertas. Si eres miembro independiente puedes dejar tus puntos de vista en comentarios o en el fan page de nuestra página web https://www.facebook.com/zundalglobal.


La declaración, en inglés, en Facebook de Eric Turner informando que abandona Wake Up Now:

Over the past few years I have always reminded myself to not worry about the things that I cannot control. Whether that goes for my personal life or my business life, it is something that I constantly remind myself about. I consider myself a very easy going person, I don’t get too high or too low, and for the most part I just like to catch the wind and go where it takes me, metaphorically speaking of course.

You may be asking yourself where I am going with this post, and I will get to that shortly, but I just want you, the one reading this post, to understand that no matter how good or bad your current situation is, there is always going to be an element of surprise to the extent that you cannot determine the outcome…and sometimes that outcome isn’t to your liking. Well, today is one of those days for me…

As of this status, I am saddened to have to say something that I honestly thought I’d never have to say, and that is that ?#‎WakeUpNow will no longer be the company you’ve come to know & love (before your head explodes, let me continue) …..

Ever since I got into this industry I have made it a point to keep business life and personal life separate, but now this affects both at the same time and I’m really not sure what to think. I don’t even really know where to start either. It’s been two years, seems like it’s been a lot longer, but looking back on the past two years I can’t help but smile and be proud at everything that was accomplished. I don’t like having to make this status, and I didn’t really want to do a video because there’s no way I could express how I feel and get the message out there at the same time.

February 2013 was a monumental month in the network marketing industry. It was then that I was introduced to WakeUpNow not to be pitched, but to be asked my opinion on the compensation plan. Fortunately I loved what I saw, and the industry will never be the same again. I went to Puerto Rico with my two business partners and we announced the journey we were about to embark on, and two years later, WakeUpNow’s footprint is, and will forever be imprinted on this industry.

Regardless if you see it as good or bad, it’s there to stay and I can proudly say that I played a big role in making that happen. For the entire 2013 year we made more noise than I think I’ve witnessed any company make in my 6 years in the industry. We had more regular everyday people seeing results for the first time in the industry. We had people making more money than they’ve ever made before both inside or outside the industry.

We made so much noise that there really was no way to escape it, especially from an online presence. Then came 2014, and surprisingly we made even more noise that year than we did in 2013. I didn’t think it could have gotten any better, but it just kept getting better and better. We had people who never made more than a couple thousand dollars a month in anything they did all of a sudden hitting some insanely high 5 figure months, and even myself hit a 6 figure a month mark, which is absolutely ridiculous (and I still didn’t buy a car, lol).

Everything was going great in 2014, people were happy, lives were being changed, business was fun, the industry was exciting, and for once I saw companies starting to think about the little guy and actually offering a multitude of products when for years it was always the same. Summertime came around, and it became clear that WUN had made an imprint so big on the industry that you could find almost every company tweaking something about their compensation plan, product offering, or their marketing style all because of WakeUpNow…and no one can argue that!!!

Then came August…..by then we had been fighting some technical difficulties for a couple of months, but nothing I didn’t think we couldn’t fix. And surprisingly we as a company actually kept moving along and growing. But because of the technical issues, it started affecting volume calculations and the sign up process. I was still a Global Executive in July, but when it was time to get those commissions in August there were some issues with the merchant account and getting access to funds.

Instead of risking being late with commissions to the field, I voluntarily declined my commission check to make sure that everyone else was able to receive their commissions, especially the Founder 3’s, without delay, and it worked. I was confident that I would receive those commissions at some point, so it wasn’t a big deal to me. After all, the first 7 months of 2014 had been better than all my working years combined (income wise). I was also confident that these technical issues were going to be fixed at some point and I could continue on business as usual, but that wasn’t the case…

The following month was our annual convention. Excitement was back up to where it had been in 2013 and things looked like we were about to finish 2014 like we started it. We were still having a few minor issues with commissions being able to be paid on time, so again, I told WakeUpNow corporate to not even worry about paying me right now, let’s make sure everyone else gets paid.

The next month, the same thing, and again the month after…..the supposed technology fix failed again, and every month after that it kept getting worse and worse, and people’s confidence kept going lower and lower. I have spent months in the office, literally months over the past two years. I stayed in Utah from the beginning of September until the first week of November doing everything I could to help fix the problems.

I have personally witnessed both Phil Polich and Jason Elrod do everything in their power to turn everything around. I said I’d go to war with these gentlemen and that’s exactly what I have done. They’ve reached out to every resource they’ve had, I’ve seen them put money into this company to try to get it straightened in amounts that most couldn’t even fathom.

These two guys are the sole reason why WakeUpNow has lasted this long. With everything they have done, as well as many others, and even though I still hadn’t been paid since August, I was still excited at the future of WakeUpNow; I hadn’t lost my confidence even though people in the field started to lose theirs. I’m Seemore Green, the first Global Executive, I just announced my ?#‎WUNDynastyTour with my brother and the ?#‎2Buses, why would I have any loss in confidence when I see what corporate is doing to turn it all around and get us going back in the right direction???

Unfortunately that was not the case, and it has not gotten fixed or gotten better by any means, nor have I received one penny of commissions since August. I don’t even care about my personal commissions, but when I started seeing other people in the company not getting their commissions because of all the issues it started to affect me.

In October 2014, corporate decided to go forward with a 3rd party back office system, because the in-house development team could not get the job done. We were supposed to have that ready and launched this month, February 2015. Well, it’s ready, but WakeUpNow is not. And it might never be. And that is why I am here today to let you know that I am no longer a part of the ?#‎WUNLIFE.

By that I mean I am ready to accept what has happened, look back & be proud, but also to be prepared for any great opportunity that shall come from this. Anything is possible. We’ve gained valuable life experiences as well as have a great core group of people to do great things with in the future from the corporate & field side.

I have made many new friends, a lifetime of memories, and I’ve seen so many people’s lives changed, and that’s why this is so hard. I hate to see people work so hard on things, and have so much love and passion for it, only to see it not be able to be fulfilled. And this goes back to the first part of this status, “not worrying about things I cannot control.” I hope that everybody reading this that was a part of this ride & stuck it out until the end can hold their head up high & be proud of what was done. Take time to reflect and give yourself time to plan what’s next whether it’s a new MLM venture, offline traditional business, or just wait for the dust to settle here.

I couldn’t control the technology issues, I couldn’t control the commission issue, I couldn’t control the volume issues, I couldn’t control some of the decisions made by former executives, I couldn’t control the amount of unknowns that were left, and I couldn’t control people on my team being forced to do other things for income due to the issues WakeUpNow was having. I wish I could have done something about it. I wish I could do something about unpaid commissions, and I am going to continue to try to figure out a way to get those commissions paid. I also wish that I could tell you to continue to build even if I’m not, but I cannot in good conscience recommend you do that. It sucks, there’s really no other way to put it. This is business. This is the real world. Nothing is truly a guarantee. You can only control what you do during & how you adjust to things as they come at you.

I’ve said for a year or so now that I was ?#‎WUNandDONE, and I really did mean it. I really did believe that WakeUpNow was going to be an iconic company that stood the test of time. There was not a doubt in my mind, but I guess sometimes there are things beyond your control, and for whatever reason this was one of them. I don’t know what that means for me now; I didn’t think I was going to be in this situation. I don’t know if I have it in me to do something else. I don’t know if there can be another ‘WUN’ company out there that I can get behind and support. I don’t even know if any of you would join me if I did decide to get involved in something again. I really have no idea what I am going to do, but I’m confident that I’m goin to be alright. As I write this I’m sitting here scratching my head wondering, “What’s next?” Stay tuned.

Fuente: businessforhome.org y entrevistas con algunos miembros de la empresa.

Actualización 10/02/2015: Wake Up Now Perú aclara que sigue operando con normalidad




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